Advanced Engineering Mathematics (7th International edition) by Peter O'Neil, 9781111427429

-12% Advanced Engineering Mathematics (7th International edition) by Peter O'Neil, 9781111427429

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Through previous editions, Peter O'Neil has made rigorous engineering mathematics topics accessible to thousands of students by emphasizing visuals, numerous examples, and interesting mathematical models. Now, ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS features revised examples and problems as well as newly added content that has been fine-tuned throughout to improve the clear flow of ideas. The computer plays a more prominent role than ever in generating computer graphics used to display concepts and problem sets. In this new edition, computational assistance in the form of a self contained Maple Primer has been included to encourage students to make use of such computational tools. The content has been reorganized into six parts and covers a wide spectrum of topics including Ordinary Differential Equations, Vectors and Linear Algebra, Systems of Differential Equations and Qualitative Methods, Vector Analysis, Fourier Analysis, Orthogonal Expansions, and Wavelets, and much more.

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PART I: 1. FIRST-ORDER DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. Terminology and Separable Equations. Linear Equations. Exact Equations. Homogeneous, Bernoulli and Riccsti Equations. Additional Applications. Existence and Uniqueness Questions. 2. LINEAR SECOND-ORDER EQUATIONS. The Linear Second-Order Equations. The Constant Coefficient Case. The Nonhomogeneous Equation. Spring Motion. Euler's Differential Equation. 3. THE LAPLACE TRANSFORM Definition and Notation. Solution of Initial Value Problems. Shifiting and the Heaviside Function. Convolution. Impulses and the Delta Function. Solution of Systems. Polynomial Coefficients. Appendix on Partial Fractions Decompositions. 4. SERIES SOLUTIONS. Power Series Solutions. Frobenius Solutions. 5. APPROXIMATION OF SOLUTIONS Direction Fields. Euler's Method. Taylor and Modified Euler Methods. PART II: 6. VECTORS AND VECTOR SPACES. Vectors in the Plane and 3 - Space. The Dot Product. The Cross Product. The Vector Space Rn. Orthogonalization. Orthogonal Complements and Projections. The Function Space C[a,b]. 7. MATRICES AND LINEAR SYSTEMS. Matrices. Elementary Row Operations. Reduced Row Echelon Form. Row and Column Spaces. Homogeneous Systems. Nonhomogeneous Systems. Matrix Inverses. Least Squares Vectors and Data Fitting. LU - Factorization. Linear Transformations. 8. DETERMINANTS. Definition of the Determinant. Evaluation of Determinants I. Evaluation of Determinants II. A Determinant Formula for A-1. Cramer's Rule. The Matrix Tree Theorem. 9. EIGENVALUES, DIAGONALIZATION AND SPECIAL MATRICES Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. Diagonalization. Some Special Types of Matrices. 10. SYSTEMS OF LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Linear Systems. Solution of X'=AX for Constant A. Solution of X'=AX+G. Exponential Matrix Solutions. Applications and Illustrations of Techniques. Phase Portaits. PART III: 11. VECTOR DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS. Vector Functions of One Variable. Velocity and Curvature. Vector Fields and Streamlines. The Gradient Field. Divergence and Curl. 12. VECTOR INTEGRAL CALCULUS. Line Integrals. Green's Theorem. An Extension of Green's Theorem. Independence of Path and Potential Theory. Surface Integrals. Applications of Surface Integrals. Lifting Green's Theorem to R3. The Divergence Theorem of Gauss. Stokes's Theorem. Curvilinear Coordinates. PART IV: 13. FOURIER SERIES. Why Fourier Series? The Fourier Series of a Function. Sine and Cosine Series. Integration and Differentiation of Fourier Series. Phase Angle Form. Complex Fourier Series. Filtering of Signals. 14. THE FOURIER INTEGRAL AND TRANSFORMS. The Fourier Integral. Fourier Cosine and Sine Integrals. The Fourier Transform. Fourier Cosine and Sine Transforms. The Discrete Fourier Transform. Sampled Fourier Series. DFT Approximation of the Fourier Transform. 15. SPECIAL FUNCTIONS AND EIGENFUNCTION EXPANSIONS. Eigenfunction Expansions. Legendre Polynomials. Bessel Functions. PART V: 16. THE WAVE EQUATION. Derivation of the Wave Equation. Wave Motion on an Interval. Wave Motion in an Infinite Medium. Wave Motion in a Semi-Infinite Medium. Laplace Transform Techniques. Characteristics and d'Alembert's Solution. Vibrations in a Circular Membrane I. Vibrations in a Circular Membrane II. Vibrations in a Rectangular Membrane. 17. THE HEAT EQUATION. Initial and Boundary Conditions. The Heat Equation on [0, L]. Solutions in an Infinite Medium. Laplace Transform Techniques. Heat Conduction in an Infinite Cylinder. Heat Conduction in a Rectangular Plate. 18. THE POTENTIAL EQUATION. Laplace's Equation. Dirichlet Problem for a Rectangle. Dirichlet Problem for a Disk. Poisson's Integral Formula. Dirichlet Problem for Unbounded Regions. A Dirichlet Problem for a Cube. Steady-State Equation for a Sphere. The Neumann Problem. PART VI: 19. COMPLEX NUMBERS AND FUNCTIONS. Geometry and Arithmetic of Complex Numbers. Complex Functions. The Exponential and Trigonometric Functions. The Complex Logarithm. Powers. 20. COMPLEX INTEGRATION. The Integral of a Complex Function. Cauchy's Theorem. Consequences of Cauchy's Theorem. 21. SERIES REPRESENTATIONS OF FUNCTIONS. Power Series. The Laurent Expansion. 22. SINGULARITIES AND THE RESIDUE THEOREM. Singularities. The Residue Theorem. Evaluation of Real Integrals. Residues and the Inverse Laplace Transform. 23. CONFORMAL MAPPINGS AND APPLICATIONS. Conformal Mappings. Construction of Conformal Mappings. Conformal Mappings and Solutions of Dirichlet Problems. Models of Plane Fluid Flow. APPENDIX: A MAPLE PRIMER. ANSWERS TO SELECTED PROBLEMS.

About the author

Dr. Peter O'Neil has been a professor of mathematics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham since 1978. At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, he has served as chairman of mathematics, dean of natural sciences and mathematics, and university provost. Dr. Peter O'Neil has also served on the faculty at the University of Minnesota and the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where he was chairman of mathematics. He has been awarded the Lester R. Ford Award from the Mathematical Association of America. He received both his M.S and Ph.D. in mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His primary research interests are in graph theory and combinatorial analysis.

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